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Monique's Abduction Part 2

Monique's Abduction Part 2


This 23 minute hypnosis recording is the second in a series of fantasy hypnosis stories(real hypnosis, fantasy content, no posthypnotic suggestions) about a woman (played by you) who is abducted and taken into a sex slave ring.  It is written and narrated by Portland, Oregon Mistress Domina Katherine, and partially inspired by Ann Rice's Claiming of Sleeping Beauty series.



You are dragged by two unbelievably strong men, into the strange house and taken immediately to the kitchen.  In the kitchen there is a breakfast nook, but instead of a table, you find a small bondage table.  You are immediately bound, and an o-gag is shoved and secured into your mouth.  Two fucking machines are unceremoniously inserted into both your mouth and your ass, and turned on.  As the fucking machines slowly build in speed, your new Mistress, who you have discovered is also a very powerful hypnotist, puts you into a trance to begin your training.  After a while of entertaining your captors, Mistress removes the one from your mouth, then shoves her cunt into your face, forcing her to eat her out, while she talks about beating you, until she cums.



The following is a real hypnosis file that contains fantasy experiences of sexualized abduction, rape, body modification, brainwashing, hypnosis within hypnosis and sex trafficking... it is designed to make you experience these things... it contains no post hypnotic suggestions and is intended purely for entertainment... hypnosis can sometimes, however, have lingering effects... as always, use hypnosis responsibly... if you experience any unfavorable effects... please discontinue... otherwise I hope you have a lovely time.



Image by Swinsil (Polski) from Pixabay

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