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Monique's Abduction Part 1

Monique's Abduction Part 1


This is the first in a series of fantasy hypnosis stories (real hypnosis, fantasy content, no posthypnotic suggestions) about a woman (played by you) who is abducted and taken into a sex slave ring.  It is written and narrated by Portland, Oregon's Domina Katherine, and partially inspired by Ann Rice's Claiming of Sleeping Beauty series.



You are walking down the street on a beautiful sunny day. Suddenly a van pulls up, two men jump out, put a hood over your head and drag you into the van. They tie you down and begin to mercilessly fuck you. Meanwhile a woman, fondling your little clitty and claiming to be your new owner explains that, despite your present terror, you will eventually learn to love this.


You are about to undergo extensive training and when she is finished with you, you will be a mindless, depraved and horny sex slave, desperate to do anything she, your new Mistress, commands. With cum still dripping from your orifices she crouches down, puts a piercing gun to your nose, and pulls the trigger. The ring she put into your nose marks you as her property to any and everyone who will see you from now on. The van comes to a stop.   You have arrived at your new home.



The following is a real hypnosis file that contains fantasy experiences of sexualized abduction, rape, body modification, brainwashing and sex trafficking... it is designed to make you experience these things... it contains no post hypnotic suggestions and is intended purely for entertainment... hypnosis can sometimes, however, have lingering effects... as always, use hypnosis responsibly... if you experience any unfavorable effects... please discontinue... otherwise I hope you have a lovely time.


Image by Stocksnap from Pixabay

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