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Disgusting Loser - Naughty Mistress

Disgusting Loser - Naughty Mistress


"Your destiny was--and always will be--to be used by women. Wouldn't it feel so good to be used by me? I can treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Treat you the way you need to be treated... Like the pathetic piece of shit that you are... You need me to take from you... take everything you have and leave your lowly ass behind... until you have more... that's the only way I will ever pay attention to you... so you better make sure you have plenty of money for me... otherwise what makes you think you deserve my company... my attention... you don't believe that... you know you don't deserve shit... because you are nothing but a pathetic loser....


You are either a virgin, or you've conned some poor woman into having sex with you. You know very well she wasn't satisfied though, don't you?


If you listen very closely.  You can hear her laughing. Laughing at you. Talking to her girlfriends. Telling them what a loser you are... how pathetic you are in bed.... how tiny and useless your insignificant little cock is. Did you see her smirk at first sight of it. I'm sure she tried to stifle her laughter, but in the end you're nothing but a joke. You have nothing but money to offer. You are a failure.


You need me to take everything from you. I don't care how I impact you and you know that's true. I know you need to be drained. You know you need to be drained. Money is a complete waste on you. You need to give it away. You need to give it to me. Say it: "Money is a waste on me. Nice things are a waste on me. I need to give it all to Mistress."

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