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Castrated and Dependent

Castrated and Dependent


Enjoy erotic hypnosis and fetish hypnosis by Portland Oregon’s Katherine Dire, Master hypnotist, BDSM practitioner and mind fuck enthusiast. Enjoy BDSM in a way that brings health, balance and sexual vigor into your life. This is real hypnosis for the alternative sexualities community, for health and for pleasure. Or enjoy something sick and twisted, you nasty fuck.


In this 16 minute file, I reduce you to the pathetic failure that you really are, castrate you and then use simulated breastfeeding to create a dependency in you.  Sounds fun, right!?  :D


Listen to this recording repeatedly for increasing impact and practice your relaxation state. As always, use hypnosis responsibly… if you experience any unfavorable effects… please discontinue… otherwise I hope you have a lovely time.



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