Hypnosis for pleasure and health
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Yourself in a world where you feel completely relaxed... safe... light... and free ...

Free to explore and embody your fantastic dreams and your living sexuality...


You have before you and all around you, so many choices and so many possibilities...

You can indulge in one over and over to your hearts content...

Or you can have them all one after another...

You can enjoy eroticism temporarily through guided trance...

You can explore your secrets...

And you can nurture your long-term sexual wellness...


The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your willingness...

To go for it.

Sample erotic hypnosis video Portland Oregon Online available
Hypnosis Sample


In-person Session: $300

1-hour minimum

Erotic Hypnosis

Take an erotic sexual journey designed especially for you

Skype Session: $200

1/2 hour minimum

Kinky Hypnosis

Explore and indulge your kinky side.

Custom Download: $125

Sexual Health

Find sexual health and healing through hypnosis




Portland, Oregon


All days: 9am-7pm

To expedite the booking process send a $50 scheduling deposit along with your details.


About the Hypnotist

Katherine has been a practicing Hypnotist since 2013, has been working as a Mistress and sexual health consultant since 2012 and is a coalition partner of the Nation Coalition of Sexual Freedom.

She has fifteen years of experience working in the psychology and mental health fields.  She studied psychology at Portland State University, received her hypnotherapy certification through the Knightsbridge Institute and is a registered member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.  She also received an associates in Process Oriented Psychology and uses Process Work and Positive Psychology techniques to complement hypnosis.

If you are interested in a more interactive experience than just hypnosis, visit www.DominaKatherine.com