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Relaxation has never been so sexy
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Go Down...And Let Go...

You are a dynamic and sexual creature. Your desires are a vital part of who you are.  Being in touch with, and expressing the things we're passionate about, is essential to our whole health and happiness. Hypnosis can do so much to this end.  It can draw your desires out.  Bring them to light.  Make them a reality. It can deepen and enhance our relationships, our sexuality, our secret joys.


Hypnotic effects can be temporary, or they can change the course of your life. The possibilities are only limited by your conscious imagination.  So let go, and give in.

Contact me today to discover what you are capable of.


Rates and Services

Skype or Zoom Session: $300 per hour

Custom files available upon request

In-person  sessions available to clients in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas.


Contact Me


Sessions Available:

All days: 9am-7pm (Pacific time)


To expedite the booking process send a $50 scheduling fee along with your details, or book online.

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About Katherine

Specializing in naturally occurring altered states of consciousness and edge play, and long-term training/results, I have been a practicing as an erotic hypnotist since 2014 and a professional Mistress since 2012. 

If you'd like to know more about me, or

if you are interested in a more inclusive experience than just hypnosis, visit

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